Chaplain March 2021

Dear Brother Knights,

I hope you have been having a spiritually fruitful Lent thus far. At this point, we are beyond the midway point of the season. It’s a good time for all of us to evaluate how we have been with our practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. If you’ve been doing very well, then continue. If the first half of your Lent have been lackluster, now is the time to regroup and finish Lent strong. It’s never too late.

We continue our parish book study on the Consecration to St. Joseph. It has been a tremendously enriching and engaging read about the importance and impact of St. Joseph. On every page you learn invaluable information on the Protector of the Universal Church.

I ask and challenge every knight in our council to read this incredible book before the end of the year dedicated to St. Joseph (which ends December 8, 2021). I promise you will not regret reading it, and in fact you will be blown away with how St. Joseph will stop at nothing to help you achieve the goal of heaven and help you further develop in virtue. Each of us knights needs the manly example and holiness of St. Joseph in of our lives.

I can’t thank enough all of our knights who have continued our popular tradition of our Friday Fish Fries this year! The response of the public has been wonderful. You’ve heard from so many patrons of how grateful they are that the tradition continued this year. Thank you for all of your sacrifices of time, energy, and cooperation to provide such a much-needed community builder.

Abundant Lenten Blessings,

Fr. Hottovy