Chaplain September 2022

Dear Fellow Knights, First, let me say what a blessing it is to be the new pastor of St. Teresa Parish and the chaplain for the Knights of Columbus Fitzgerald Council. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you during the last few years as I was in residence at St. Teresa. What […]

Chaplain May 2022

Dear Brother Knights, It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as your chaplain for the past five years! I will never forget the annual fish fry’s (and navigating with COVID), the fireworks stand, your faithful pro-life work, your support of the physically and mentally challenged and your active presence in our parish […]

Chaplain April 2022

Dear Brother Knights, We are right in the midst of Holy Week and the Sacred Triuum. Please make time to come to the Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil Masses and liturgies: the high point of our year as Catholics. I would like to thank the Fourth Degree Knights for being at Confirmation on […]

Chaplain March 2022

Dear Brother Knights Families, I hope you all are having a great Lent! I would like to reiterate from a past email that our Grand Knight, James McCarville sent out on my behalf a few weeks ago. It was reiterating the message Tony Shafers said regarding our first fry. I want to thank everyone involved […]

Chaplain February 2022

Dear Brother Knights, Lent is going to be very quickly upon us with Ash Wednesday on March 2nd. It’s never too early to start praying about how the Lord is calling you personally to increased prayer, fasting and almsgiving. So be sure to ask the Lord how He wants you to observe Lent. If you’re […]

Chaplain January 2022

Abundant blessing in the New year to you all! It is hard to believe that it is 2022. As we begin a new year, it is natural to hope for new beginnings and to review things that could be improved in our lives and in out world. Let us pray for those affected by COVID-19 […]

Chaplain October 2021

Dear Brother Knights, This may be a play worth seeing this weekend. Playing at St. Mary’s in Denton. The description of the play: The needs of immigrant families & those suffering the loss of the breadwinner led Michael McGivney to found The Knights of Columbus in 1882. Another statement I received from the US bishops […]

Chaplain September 2021

Dear Brother Knights, This past August 13th we had the incredible opportunity to attend the first Mass to be celebrated on our beloved founder’s new feast day. All three daily Masses for our parish (including our Mass at the Pink Sisters) used these new Mass settings. As a priest saying these opening and closing prayers […]

Chaplain July 2021

Dear Brother Knights, As we celebrate Independence Day this month, let us continue our prayers for our blessed country. Please take a few minutes and listen to this incredible account of why the Star-Spangled Banner was composed. This is definitely something every American should hear. Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It I would […]

Chaplain June 2021

Dear Brother Knights, This summer, Bishop Conley and the bishops of the United States invite us to observe Religious Freedom Week from June 22 to 29, which is from the memorial of the martyrs Saints John Fisher and Thomas More to the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul. All four of these saints were killed […]