Chaplain May 2024

Dear Brother Knights, I hope that you have all had a blessed Easter season. This is a time of such joy, even in the world that is a vale of tears with all of its concerns and tribulations. We long for the resurrection of the dead, where we will enjoy the presence and love of […]

Chaplain April 2024

Dear Brother Knights, He is risen! Alleluia! Easter is the greatest celebration in the Church because it is the greatest event in the history of the world. The fact that Jesus resurrected from the dead changes everything. Our greatest fear, our death, has been put to death by Jesus. Through Jesus’ resurrection, God has power […]

Chaplain March 2024

Brother Knights, As a lifelong baseball fan, there’s always a news report that is music to my ears: “pitchers and catchers report to spring training.” In the midst of the cold winter, the occasional snow showers and just some of the wintertime blues that we might feel, these are welcome words. Springtime is coming; they […]

Chaplain February 2024

Brother Knights, A few years ago, I was enrolled in a Master’s program through the Catholic University of America which was focused on teaching business principles for parish life, including: budgeting, accounting, fundraising and crisis management. And one class was in strategic planning and operational management. In the class we learned about how to conduct […]

Chaplain December 2023

Brother Knights, We now approach the holy season of advent. The word “advent” literally means, “arrival.”  It is the time where we are preparing for the arrival of our Lord Jesus.    This might seem somewhat strange to prepare for the coming of Jesus when we know he has already come. But this season rekindles […]

Chaplain October 2023

Brother Knights, As I mentioned in a recent homily at Sunday Mass, I had the opportunity to travel in September to the Normandy region of France with my father and a priest friend of mine. I had always been intrigued by the invasion upon the beaches of Normandy during World War II, which is known […]

Chaplain August 2023

Dear Brother Knights, Sometimes etymology, the study of the origin of words, can help us understand concepts in a deeper and better way. The use of words changes over time, and seeing the origin gives us perspective. In July, I attended a conference where there was a talk given by Dr. John Boyle in the […]

Chaplain June 2023

Dear Brother Knights, We follow Jesus because he is the way, the truth, and the life. There is no other way, truth or life. In a world of moral relativism and subjectivism, believing that there is a truth does not change will necessarily bring about division and even conflict. As Catholics, we don’t look to […]

Chaplain April 2023

Dear Brother Knights, Happy Easter! He is Risen! Alleluia! There is an ancient Christian saying that St. Pope John Paul II would like to repeat, “We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song!” The fact that Jesus is risen from the dead is indeed our song that we sing abundantly in this Easter […]