Chaplain April 2023

Dear Brother Knights, Happy Easter! He is Risen! Alleluia! There is an ancient Christian saying that St. Pope John Paul II would like to repeat, “We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song!” The fact that Jesus is risen from the dead is indeed our song that we sing abundantly in this Easter […]

Chaplain March 2023

Dear Brother Knights, The sacrament of confession is an untapped blessing to us. The Lord gave us confession as the ordinary means to have our sins forgiven, which continues his healing ministry. Part of understanding the blessing of confession is a recognition of the reality of the priesthood. Priests are to continue the sanctifying and […]

Chaplain February 2023

Brother Knights, One advancement I’ve seen in recent years is the ease by which one can come to understand your genealogy and ethnicity. The internet age has allowed us to find out the names of and, perhaps, even a little bit about our ancestors with a lot more ease through sites like There are […]

Chaplain January 2023

Dear Brother Knights, The New Year carries with it a spirit of new beginning. The past year is behind us; we can’t change it. We have things in our lives that we want to change, and the New Year seems to be a good time to make this change. This is why many of us […]

Chaplain December 2022

Dear Brother Knights, In the upcoming Solemnity of Christmas and throughout the Christmas season, we celebrate the greatest news that the world has ever heard: God has taken on human flesh and become like us, even entering our world as a little baby. No matter who we are or what age we happen to be, […]

Chaplin November 2022

Dear Brother Knights,     In this month of November we recall those who have gone before us.  And we recall those who share in the resurrection of Jesus.  On November 2, on All Soul’s day, we prayed for those who will see the heavenly Father, but whose souls need purification.  They are assisted by our prayers. On […]

Chaplain October 2022

Dear Fellow Knights, In 2014, when I was in residence at St. Patrick’s parish in Lincoln we had a missionary priest, Fr. Emanuel, preach our missionary co-op program. The missionary co-op program in the Diocese of Lincoln is where priests from all over the world speak about the Church’s missionary activity throughout the world in […]

Chaplain September 2022

Dear Fellow Knights, First, let me say what a blessing it is to be the new pastor of St. Teresa Parish and the chaplain for the Knights of Columbus Fitzgerald Council. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you during the last few years as I was in residence at St. Teresa. What […]

Chaplain May 2022

Dear Brother Knights, It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as your chaplain for the past five years! I will never forget the annual fish fry’s (and navigating with COVID), the fireworks stand, your faithful pro-life work, your support of the physically and mentally challenged and your active presence in our parish […]

Chaplain April 2022

Dear Brother Knights, We are right in the midst of Holy Week and the Sacred Triuum. Please make time to come to the Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil Masses and liturgies: the high point of our year as Catholics. I would like to thank the Fourth Degree Knights for being at Confirmation on […]