Chaplain August 2023

Dear Brother Knights, Sometimes etymology, the study of the origin of words, can help us understand concepts in a deeper and better way. The use of words changes over time, and seeing the origin gives us perspective. In July, I attended a conference where there was a talk given by Dr. John Boyle in the […]

Grand Knight July 2023

Brother Knights, We have hit the “dog days of summer”! The heat is rising, as is the humidity! The baseball College World Series concluded this past week and what a great series it was! So many traditions at this time of year that bring people together……just like our FIREWORKS stand that is coming up this […]

Grand Knight June 2023

Dear Brother Knights, Happy Summer Brother Knights!  What a great time of the year it is!  Children (and teachers!) are on summer break!  The days are longer, the warmth is constant and the humidity is starting to climb up! We all know God is Great, but wasn’t the inch of rain we had on Thursday morning […]

Chaplain June 2023

Dear Brother Knights, We follow Jesus because he is the way, the truth, and the life. There is no other way, truth or life. In a world of moral relativism and subjectivism, believing that there is a truth does not change will necessarily bring about division and even conflict. As Catholics, we don’t look to […]