Chaplain December 2022

Dear Brother Knights,

In the upcoming Solemnity of Christmas and throughout the Christmas season, we celebrate the greatest news that the world has ever heard: God has taken on human flesh and become like us, even entering our world as a little baby.

No matter who we are or what age we happen to be, we can continue to be touched and amazed by the simplicity, beauty, and love of Christmas. It can be grasped by the smallest child and it can melt the coldest heart. And even though it was foreshadowed and prophesied by the prophets, it’s the greatest surprise that we could possibly imagine.

God, whom the world, our galaxy, and the entire universe cannot contain chose to live among us. He chose to think like us, laugh and cry like us, making himself weak, vulnerable and in need of others. All so that he can show us how to love in a human way.

I pray that you and your families have a blessed and grace-filled season of Christmas. And may the reality of God entering the world touch your hearts, and move you to take on the high and noble calling of sharing it with others. Merry Christmas!

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Kipper