Grand Knight November 2023

Brother Knights,

Happy Fall! My favorite time of the year! The World Series wrapped up last night with the Rangers winning their first championship and the Husker football team are playing meaningful games in November, which hasn’t happened in a long time! Many of us remember when Nebraska dominated year after year after year on the gridiron. The program was a machine that just seemed to keep gong and going……. then all of the sudden the bottom seemed to fall out.

This scenario just doesn’t happen to football programs. It happens to businesses and it happens to Knight’s councils. Nebraska football didn’t plan on being not so good for the past decade plus, but neither do failed businesses or other programs. We, as a council, have been working very hard to ensure the success and the longevity of our parish council. Many hours have been put in finding bylaws of our council and council/building association so we have an understanding of what it has taken to get us to where we are, and whit it will take in the future go make sure we fulfill our obligation as Knights to charity, unity and fraternity.

We had our monthly officer’s/director’s meeting on October 30th. At that meeting we established the bylaws that will govern our council from now on. For the most part we have been running our council by these laws, but now we have documents to guide us. In the near future there will be an email sent out with these items listed, along with the names of the Council/Building Association directors.

I have to reach out the DGK Matt Schafers, FC Tony Schafers, BK John Lenich, and BK Jim Kreifels for the time and effort put in to help get us to this point. As always, to be successful we need our younger Knights to continue to share with us your time and your thoughts/suggestions on what we need to do to continue to be the best Knight’s Council in the state. Please contact us at any time.

Also, the November General meeting on November 15th will be a memorial mass to honor our brother knights that have passed away. This is a special meeting where we read the names of these gentlemen and pray for their souls. Please plan on attending this special meeting.

May God continue to bless us all.

Ron Schinkel
Grand Knight
Council 833