Grand Knight April 2023

Brother Knights, I hope everyone had a Blessed Easter spent with family and friends! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year! The Resurrection of our Lord, the way the grass starts to green up, the blooming of the flowers and the increased amount of sunlight we see every day. It is all […]

Grand Knight March 2023

Brother Knights, We are now well into the Lenten season! We are approaching, or maybe have passed (depending on when this newsletter is published) our 3rd fish fry of the season! Our fish fry dinners are a tradition of Lent and Lincoln! Are FS Tony and DGK Matt used to come to the fish frys […]

Grand Knight February 2023

Brother Knights, Well it looks as if we are in for another half dozen weeks of winter, per Punxsutawney Phil and Unadilla Billie! Not to fret though, because these wintery days and nights will give you and your family the opportunity to enjoy, and volunteer at, our Lenten Fish Frys!! We start this annual tradition […]

Grand Knight January 2023

Happy New Year! I hope you and your family had a Blessed Christmas and hoping the new year brings good health and prosperity to you and your loved ones. As we ring in the new year we ponder what this year’s resolution might be. Let me suggest that our brother Knights that haven’t been involved […]

Grand Knight November 2022

Brother Knights, What a wonderful time of the year as the leaves have changed colors and the weather has turned somewhat cooler. We are still experiencing beautiful weather as we enter into November but we know, as Nebraskans, this will pass and we will be facing cold, and hopefully, snowy forecasts! The fall weather this […]

Grand Knight October 2022

Happy Fall Brother Knights! What a beautiful time of year as the temperatures start to drop and the leaves change colors and drop from their perch in the trees. I would like to start by congratulating Father Kipper as our Knight of the Month. We are blessed to have you as our parish priest and […]

Grand Knight May 2022

Dear Brother Knights and Families, Summer is just around the corner and graduation plans are in full swing. I pray that every graduate has a successful and happy future! I hope all Mothers had a wonderful Mother’s Day this last weekend. They are so deserving of love and praise and Mother’s Day is an opportune […]

Grand Knight April 2022

Dear Brother Knights and Families, As the month of April moves along, we continue to prepare to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a wonderful time to strengthen our Catholic faith. As Knights, we need to set examples to our families and our communities. I pray that everyone has […]