Grand Knight November 2020

Dear Brother Knights,

I hope this letter finds everyone healthy and ready for a historic November. Please get out and exercise your right to VOTE. I’m voting for those that support and respect all LIFE. Protection of human life and dignity is a right of all people and supports the core of Catholic social teaching. We, as Knights, need to lead by example. Vote Pro-Life!

I pray for our President and our Local, State, and Federal Governments daily. My parents taught me to respect our elected President, even if I didn’t for them! Please keep all our elected officials in your prayers, too.

As a men’s organization, the Knights of Columbus have an obligation to exhibit patriotism and unity. As members, we need to encourage and invite Catholic men like ourselves to join the Knights of Columbus. Please help us with our goal of growing our council, invite a friend to become a Knight!

The Annual Mass for our Deceased Knight of Columbus will be held Wednesday the 18th of this month at our Knights Hall. We have plenty of space for social distancing. Come join us in celebrating the Lives of our past Knights of Columbus.

In Service to One, in Service to All!

Vivat Jesus!
James McCarville
Grand Knight

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