Grand Knight March 2023

Brother Knights,

We are now well into the Lenten season! We are approaching, or maybe have passed (depending on when this newsletter is published) our 3rd fish fry of the season! Our fish fry dinners are a tradition of Lent and Lincoln! Are FS Tony and DGK Matt used to come to the fish frys with their parents and I am sure many of you have some memories of the Fitzgerald Council fish frys! I have heard from numerous attendees this year, and in the past, that 1..we have the best fish in Lincoln and 2…that they have been coming for many years!

There are many reasons why I share that with you but the main reason is that our KNIGHTS are the reason many people have these wonderful memories! The Knights of the past, today’s Knights and our future Knights are what make these traditions possible.

We are blessed to have so much, yet we take so much for granted. I get nervous every week after looking at the signup genius and wondering how in the world are we going to pull off the fish fry this week when only a small number have signed up?? And then all of the sudden we have our brother knights coming through the door ready to work! Some bring their children and grandchildren to help and this is how the tradition of our wonderful fish frys continue. I am blessed to be associated with this council and the Knights that make up our council and I truly thank you for always “showing up” to make our events successful for our parish.

I hope you and your families are sharing time together, sacrificing together and making traditions together during this blessed season of Lent.

If you ever have questions, comments, or suggestions I can be reached via email at

Thank you and may God continue to bless all of us,

Ron Schinkel