Chaplain May 2022

Dear Brother Knights,
It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as your chaplain for the past five years! I will never forget the annual fish fry’s (and navigating with COVID), the fireworks stand, your faithful pro-life work, your support of the physically and mentally challenged and your active presence in our parish in so many ways.

It has been a blessing getting to know you through working with you and I thank you for your faithful support and generosity in the many projects over the past five years.

Last week as Catholic churches across the country were put on alert for possible anti-life protests and disturbances, the council immediately stepped up to the challenge by being vigilant and walking around our church and property during the Masses. These protests may extend into the summer and if they do, you will play an important part in protecting our Constitutional right of the Freedom of Religion, which includes being able to practice one’s faith without intimidation or violence. As Knights, your witness, strength and courage is necessary in these times.

Let us keep each other in prayer.
In the Risen One,
Fr. Hottovy