Chaplain December 2023

Brother Knights,

We now approach the holy season of advent. The word “advent” literally means, “arrival.”  It is the time where we are preparing for the arrival of our Lord Jesus. 
This might seem somewhat strange to prepare for the coming of Jesus when we know he has already come. But this season rekindles something special for us. There is something new and refreshing about Advent every year. We would never want to take for granted the magnitude of God entering into the world, taking on human flesh.
It’s also a time during this holy season where we see the plan of God laid out for us. We recall the many prefigurements and types of Christ: the prophecies of old, the patriarchs like Abraham and Moses, and the Jewish kings. In recalling these people and events from the past, we see how God has prepared us for our redemption and salvation in Christ. We should never forget the plan of God, or we are liable to forget our history, from where we have come.
Advent is a time, as well, where we think about when we will meet Jesus face to face, when our time on earth has ended. For the faithful disciple, this is not a reflection that begets fear, but rather eager anticipation. If there is something in our life that needs to change, preventing us from being with the Lord forever, now is the perfect time to address it.
On behalf of all the priests at St. Teresa, I wish all of you a blessed Advent season in preparation for the great celebration of Christmas, the celebration of the unthinkable: that God would take on human flesh and enter into our little world.
Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Kipper