Chaplain December 2020

Dear Brother Knights,

It was strangely fitting that the October 31 canonization of Father Michael McGivney, a parish priest of the then Diocese of Hartford and founder of the Knights of Columbus, was marked by COVID-19 restrictions, because he died during the coronavirus pandemic in 1890, which took one million lives.

This past November as we had our annual Knights Mass for all of our deceased members, we ourselves had our own pandemic restrictions. During this Mass as we remember each member by name, I am always struck how the Knights are not only a fraternal order that supports the Church and parish life in many ways but that we are faithful to the most powerful way that we can for each other: by praying for our faithfully departed brother. What we are praying for is that each of our brother knights is now enjoying the glory of heaven with St. McGivney himself!

In reviewing the first couple weeks of Advent, how has your observance been so far? If you find that little has changed in your prayer and devotional life this Advent, it’s not too late to make a spiritual resolution in preparation for Christmas. Advent is to be a time of preparation, prayer, sacrifice, penance, and conversion. The purple, or violet color represents penance and preparation.

Although Advent is not as rigorous as Lent, it is to be a time of penance to properly prepare for the coming of Christ. We can give something up or fast, incorporate mre prayer, and perform acts of charity, such as participating in our Advent Giving Wreath. My prayers continue for each of you during this holy season.

One other bit of exciting news: Pope Francis has proclaimed the “Year of St. Joseph,” which began on the Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8, 2020) and will conclude next year on the same date. Please see the following link for more details:

Pope Francis Proclaims Year of St. Joseph

Abundant Advent Blessings,
Fr. Hottovy

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