Grand Knight November 2021

Dear Brother Knights and Families

A SUPER BIG thank you to all who helped make our 2021 Tootsie Roll Drive a success! Multiple Knights (and even some of their kiddo’s) volunteered to help collect over $1600 to help our Council 833 reach our goal. THANK YOU!!!

Our founder, Father McGivney, had the foresight to realize the importance of pre-planning and the security provided by having affordable life insurance products available for all members of the Knights of Columbus. Every Knight here in Nebraska recently received a Knights of Columbus sponsored life insurance survey to complete and return and I strongly encourage each of you to fill this form out and if you have not already done so, please consider a personal life insurance policy.

As some of you may have heard, these past few weeks have provided me with quite a health challenge and has definitely given new importance to my own Knights of Columbus life insurance policy. While at work, I took a tumble off the flatbed of my semi trailer which landed me in the hospital for 4 days with 6 broken ribs and a fractured hand. It appeared (or so I thought) that I was doing remarkably well while recuperating at home but maybe not, as I apparently had a blood pressure drop, became dizzy and fell down our stairs. This has landed me a second stay in the hospital with an accompanying surgery.

Overwhelmingly, this experience has reinforced what a gift each breath is and it also strongly hit home how quickly a person’s life can change. I will be on the mend for several months yet and Lisa is trying to figure out how to bubble wrap me but through it all, I had the peace of mind that comes with knowing no matter the outcome, those I love would be taken care of financially through my Knights of Columbus life insurance policy. Please consider taking advantage of this very important product.

I humbly ask for your prayers of healing for myself and prayers of peace and patience for my own personal nurse, Lisa.

As always, God Bless each of you and Vivat Jesus!!

James McCarville
Grand Knight
Council 833