Grand Knight March 2024

Brother Knights,

Happy March, Brother Knights! I would say that we are closing in on Spring, but with the February we had it seems as though spring has sprung.

As you all know, Spring brings Lent, Lent brings fish fries, fish fries bring people and without many of you we wouldn’t be able to have these fish fries. With two Fridays under our belts, we have served over 1000 patrons. Like Brother Szatko wrote in a Facebook post, build it and they will come….and boy have they been coming! Thank you to all that have helped and will continue to help in the next few weeks!

Congratulations to our Knight of the Month, John Weber and our Knight Family of the Month, Francisco Romero and his family. John is at the hall every Thursday evening setting out placemats, salt and pepper and arranging tables and chairs. Such an important team member in our fish fry success! Francisco’s family has been a staple at our first 2 fish fries. Francisco and his wife have been blessed with 10 children and the majority of them have been working at our hall on Friday nights. As a matter of fact, 3 of them have been helping with the drive thru orders and have done a tremendous job! Thank you to Francisco, his wonderful wife and amazing kids!

We will continue to need help with the meals on Fridays for the remainder of Lent, so if you can spare some time please stop by the hall!

We have the Regional Free Throw contest at St. Teresa’s on March 23rd. It is an awesome event where we showcase our council but more importantly our wonderful school! Volunteers will be needed so look for more information to come.

At our March 20th General Meeting we will begin reading names for the officer positions within our council for the upcoming election. The election will be held in May. Knights wanting to be an officer can self nominate, or can be nominated by another council member. The procedure is to read these names at the March, April and May meetings. After the 3rd reading, in May, we will have a vote for officers. This is important for the success and longevity of our council. We need younger Knights that are willing to step into leadership positions within our council. If you would like to be a nominee, or have a brother Knight you would like to nominate please send an email to me at , or you can share your name, or other’s names at the March meeting. Like I mentioned, we will begin reading names at the March meeting and vote in May. If you are unsure of the positions, and what they entail, please reach out. The future of our council is dependent on younger Knights taking on these important roles. Thanks for considering.

This will be the last newsletter before Easter Sunday. I pray you and everyone you care about have a blessed Holy Week and a joyous Easter. Thank you for what you do for our parish and council.

Vivat Jesus,

Ron Schinkel
Grand Knight
Council 833