Grand Knight February 2024

Belated Happy New Year Brother Knights!  

We were so busy as the calendar rolled over to 2024 that we didn’t have time to get a newsletter out for January.  Even though we started a new year, our council stayed steadfast in providing services to others!

Brother Brad Behne is the Knight of the Month for January.  The service he performed for our council and for the youth of our parish was that he organized and directed the Knight’s Free Throw Contest that was held earlier in the month.  The event was a HUGE success with many young people participating and many, many people in the stands to cheer on the participants!  Thank you, Brad, and to the other members of our council that worked the event!

Brother Jeff Knievel and his family are our Knight’s Family of the Month for January.  Not only did Jeff help with the Free Throw contest, but he and his children could be seen out scooping snow for the parishioners we serve.  Thank you, Jeff and family for all you do for our council and parish!

Please welcome into our council 4 Knights that became 3rd degree members on January 17th.
Weston Svoboda, Tim Echtenkamp, Alex Kleinjan and Frank Egelhoff. We had a great turnout of brother Knights for the CUF ceremony that was held before our General Meeting.  If you see these Brother Knights, please welcome them!

With the bitter cold and enormous amount of snow we have had, I must share with you how proud I am of our Snow Knights.  They have been out many times in the past 2 months digging out the elderly and homebound members of our parish.  We do this service for free, upholding Father McGivney’s ideal virtue of Charity.  Say a prayer in thanks for these men and their family members that help them every time we get snowfall. 

As we prepare to enter the Lenten season, we are reminded about the fish fry dinners that will begin on February 16th.  Our fish frys run from 4:30-7 PM at Knight’s Hall, 6044 South Street.  We are ALWAYS in need of helpers during this great event!  All of this money goes back to our parish and our school, so if you could give an hour or two, it would be greatly appreciated.  To sign up go to this link…

Or email me, text me or call me with the times you can give a hand.  My number is 402-429-2515, or my email is
Thank you for considering!

A few items to put on your calendar for this month ….. 
February 9- Fat Tuesday Party at St. Teresa’s for all men of the parish.
February 16- First Fish Fry Dinner at the hall.
February 21- General Meeting at the hall beginning at 7:30.  Come enjoy some pizza, a beverage and give input at our meeting.
February 23- 2nd Fish Fry Dinner at the hall
February 26- Officer/Directors Meeting at the hall.  All Knights are invited.
If you know of a Catholic gentleman that would be interested in joining our Council please have him get in touch with me.  Thank you!

May God continue to bless us all.

Ron Schinkel,
Grand Knight