Grand Knight August 2023

Brother Knights,

Where O’ where has the summer gone??!!! It is hard to believe that we are almost into the 2nd week of August already! School begins in a little over a week and before long the leaves will be changing colors, and maybe Nebraska football will win a few game! We can only hope.

As the school year begins, our council is starting a new event that hopefully will become an annual tradition. We are going to be cooking and serving hotdogs and hamburger to St. Teresa families during the Jayhawk Jumpstart night. This is on August 10th. We will need some volunteers to make this a success so if you have any time on Thursday please reach out to Matt Schafers and let him know you can help for an hour or so. He can be reached at 402-540-8254. Thanks for considering!

Many of you have received emails from our FS Tony Schafer or myself about how successful our fireworks tent was this 4th of July. I want to thank all of the knights and parishioners that made this such a success! This will allow us to continue to help financially support our school and our church. Without all of you this wouldn’t happen, so once again, Thank You!

My wife and I took a short vacation to Kansas City on August 3rd. While traveling we received a text from one of our daughters. My daughter had copied a text she had received from a good friend of hers, and a friend of our family, to us. The text stated that the priest that had married her friend and her husband had passed away in a car accident the previous day. This happened in Louisiana. Included in the text was a link to Father Mark Beard’s last homily three days prior. I feel it is an amazing homily and I felt obligated to share it with you. It was as if Father Beard knew he might soon meet the Lord. If you would like to watch, here is the link.

If you ever have questions, comments, or suggestions I can be reached via email at

Thank you and may God continue to bless all of us,

Ron Schinkel
Grand Knight
Council 833